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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are 7 year old players allowed to play in the tournament?
Ohio South Youth Soccer Assoc (OSYSA) does NOT allow 7 year olds to play in neither League play nor Tournament play. All players must be born PRIOR to August 1st, 2008. This restriction is mandated as part of the Tournament Sanctioning for OSYSA. Under 08 age limits players born between 8-1-2007 thru 7-31-2008
Do you have a paper application I can fill out?
All applications are only accepted online at our web site. This will enable us to more accurately capture your team's data as well as reduce the time it takes to evaluate teams for acceptance after the application deadline. Our website has been a reliable tool for information, games schedules, and scores since our 2000 event and will continue to play a bigger role with each year.
Do you want to check on the status of your team?
Log in using your assigned team ID number (Like WSC123456789 or WFC 123456789) that was assigned to you when you registered. Go to the log in box under the Coaches tab in the left rail.
How do I place my team in one division or the other?
Ultimately, your team will be placed in the division to be the most competitive with other teams that apply. However, you may help the selection committee by indicating your choice on the application form. Level 1-GOLD; Level 2-RED; Level 3-WHITE; & Level 4-BLUE divisions. If we only have 2 levels in an age group then only GOLD and RED will be used.
When do I send travel permit?
DO NOT SEND A TRAVEL PERMIT WITH YOUR APPLICATION. This is only required when/if your team is accepted. Travel permits are REQUIRED for all teams who are registered outside Ohio South (OSYSA) except for US Club Soccer that does not require travel permits. You should bring a copy of it to registration or send in with your Pre Registration Packet. You can also either fax or mail your roster and travel permit to:
Warrior Soccer Classic
PO Box 24232
Huber Heights OH 45424
(937) 233-7958 Director Carol Maas
(937) 235-1872 fax only
Contact by email at carolmsoccer@aol.com
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Bracketing/Team Selection
Does the Classic have 2 divisions per age group?
Depending on the number of teams in any given age group applying to the adidas Warrior Halloween Fall Soccer Classic, some age groups may consist of a Gold, Red, White divisions depending upon numbers. The Gold Division will be the upper division, Red is middle and White is lower. However, not all age groups will have 2 or 3 levels of play.
Where and when will the schedules be posted?
The schedule may be posted as early as the the first week in October. If you are listed as the contact for the team, you will be sent an email when the schedules are posted. You can access the game schedules, scores and photos by clicking on the GAMES/SCORES tab in the red menu across the top of any page OR by selecting your division in the drop down menu along the left side of any page on the site. You may also search by Club.
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Do U8, U9 and U10 play 6v6?
Yes. Under 8 & 9 will play 6v6. Under 10 may play either 6v6 or 8v8.
What size ball is used for the U12 (11 v 11) Division?
U12's will use a size 5 ball when playing in the 11 v 11 division.
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Can US Youth Soccer players and coaches participate as a guest player or coach on a US Club team and vice versa?
No. See US Youth Soccer Travel Procedure 7.12.1.
How much does the tournament cost?
The fees are posted on the front page, in the Facts At A Glance, to the left of the photo. Also posted there are the dates, location, deadline, etc.

This information also appears on the About page and on the Application Form Instructions (About, Register choices from the top menu)
When I apply on line and I use Pay Pal for payment do I have to mail in a copy of my application?
No. When you follow this procedure, the tournament will automatically receive a copy of your application and payment. If you do use Pay Pal, make sure you put on your WSC (spring tournament) or WFC (fall tournament) team number.
Where can I find the Forms page?
1. Go to www.warriorfallclassic.com and click on the word FORMS at the top of the page and enter your assigned wsc
number in the box requested.

2. The next screen is your teams Application Status page and then click on Get Duplication Forms

3. Select and print the form(s) you need.
Which field is XX division playing on?
We do not have designated fields for each division. The fields are determined after we accept the teams, based on the number of teams per division and the available fields. Each venue has both small-sided and full-sized fields. If you are planning your hotel rooms based on your teams playing field, you should be aware that the fields are located centrally in the Greater Dayton area and most hotels are no more than 10-20 minutes away from any one venue. You should also be aware that hotels will fill up quickly. Booking early is perhaps far more important than booking a hotel close to the fields. Site Search is our official hotel organization.
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I am a local team who does not require housing. Do I still need to book hotel rooms to be in the tournament?
No. Only the teams who require housing during their participation in the tournament, must use the hotels that are listed on the www.warriorclassic.com web site as part of their acceptance. Site Search is our official hotel registrar.
However, ALL teams will be asked to fill out a Information/hotel form verifying where they are staying for the event or are local. This form MUST be turned in at registration or with their Pre-Registration.
Need assistance booking a hotel room for the Warrior Classic?
Site Search is our official hotel Registration system.
Our team needs a hotel. Can you help us with that?
Yes! You can research the hotel by clicking on the link. When you have narrowed down your choices, select the checkbox(es), fill in the form and submit. Your request will go out, via email, to the hotels selected and they will contact you with detailed information. Be sure to indicate how you would like to be contacted, i.e., phone, email, etc.
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Can I register my team early if I have everything completed and so I do not have to attend registration on Friday night?
Yes, if you sumit the following no later than October 17 to 6807 Alter Rd, Dayton, Oh 45424.
!. Completed Information/Hotel Form for ALL TEAMS even if you do not need hotel rooms.
2.Copies of their original State Approved Roster and one copy of that roster to leave with the tournament
3.Copy of the Player Pass Cards..both rostered players and guest players, both sides of the cards
4.Copy of the Coaches Pass Card, both sides, if applicable. Maximum of three.
5.Copy of the Tournament Liability Form which must be a parent or guardian unless they bare 18 or over, in which case the player may sign his/her own.
6.Copy of the Travel Permit if outside of Ohio South except for US Club Soccer
7.Copy of the Guest Player Roster and passes approved and validated by the state in which the player is registered
8. Copy of the Coaches Concussion Verification Form.
9. Copy of each coaches Concession Certificate.

US Club Soccer Requirements
If registering under US Club Soccer affiliation, you will need to provide the following:
1. Completed Information/Hotel Form for ALL TEAMS even if you are staying in a hotel or are local
@.Copy of the Approved Official Roster
3.Copy of the Validated Player Pass for each player both front and back
4.Copy of the validated Coaches Pass both front and back for each coach..maximum of 3 coaches
5. Tournament Liability Release Form signed by all players and a parent or guardian
6. Copy of the Coaches Concussion Verification Form.
7. Copy of each coaches Concession Certificate.
Can we substitute the liability form with a generic one?
NO!! You must use the liability release supplied with the acceptance packet. Click here for a duplicate, if needed..
Do I need to fill out of the Information/Hotel Form if I am local and not staying in a hotel?
Yes, all teams MUST fill out and turn in this form. The form contains contact information the tournament may need to use during the tournament and it must be current and accurate.
Does each team need a medical release form for all the players?
While the tournament does not require that teams have a medical release form for each player, we highly recommend that they do have one and bring it with them.
Does my team have to register on Friday night?
All teams that have NOT pre registered by mail by October 17, MUST have their registration completed at the Friday night registration. Registration can also be done by mail prior to Friday registration. Completed packets are mailed to Warrior Soccer Club, 6807 Alter Rd, Dayton, OH 45424 and must be RECEIVED no later that May 11. See details given to the teams in their acceptance packets and on these FAQ.
I need to get duplicate forms and I have already confirmed. How to I do that?
You will need your TEAM ID NUMBER (Like WSC123456789 you received with your Acceptance Form) to access the forms. When you log in, the system will tell you that your team has already been confirmed. There will be a link to the page that contains the duplicate forms.
My team belongs to US Club Soccer and they do not require a travel permit. Should I notify anyone?
Yes. Send the tournament an email through this web site and inform them that you are registered under US Club Soccer. The tournament is aware of this rule. Please include the name of your team, the age group and your assigned WSC number.
What do I need for registration?
If registering under USYS, you will need to provide�the following:
1. Completed Information/Hotel Form for ALL TEAMS
2. Original State Approved Roster and one copy of that roster to leave with the tournament
3. Validated Player Pass Cards..both rostered players and guest players
4. Validated Coaches Pass Card..one for each coach, if applicable. Maximum of three.
5. Tournament Liability Form which must be signed by a parent or guardian
6. Travel Permit if outside of Ohio South exceot for US Club Sopccer
7. Guest Player Roster approved and validated by the state in which the player is registered
8. Coaches Concussion Verification Form

US Club Soccer Requirements
If registering under US Club Soccer affiliation, you will need to provide the following:
1. Completed Information/Hotel From for ALL TEAMS
2. Approved Official Roster

3. Validated Player Pass for each player
4. Validated Coaches Pass for each coach..maximum of 3 coaches
5. Tournament Liability Release Form signed by all players and a parent or guardian
6. Coaches Concussion Verification Form

You will also be asked to provide a team contact cell phone WHILE YOU ARE ATTENDING THE TOURNAMENT in case we need to contact you.

*Players over the age of 18 may sign their own forms
When and where is registration?
Team registration is Friday, October 26 from 5:30-8:30 pm. Marriott Hotel, 1414 S Patterson Blvd, Dayton OH 45409-2105. Coach or team representation, only please. NO ONE UNDER 21 WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE REGISTRATION ROOM.
When are my Guest Players due?
You may bring your Tournament Guest Players paperwork to Registration on Friday, unless you have preregistered by mail. Those guest players must be done with the preregistration submission. ALL GUEST PLAYERS MUST BE VALIDATED BY THEIR HOME STATE ASSOCIATION IF REQUIRED OR THEY WILL BE INELIGIBLE TO PLAY.
When is my roster frozen?
Your roster is frozen at registration on Friday before the weekend tournament or at the completetion of your registration process.
Where can I find the forms I need?
Enter your WSC assigned number, then click on forms and select the form you need.
Will there be an Ohio South Represenative at Registration to validate Tournament Guest Rosters or register a Tournament Guest Player FOR OHIO SOUTH ONLY?
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Web Site
I can't download or print the PDF files.
In some instances, you may not have the Acrobat Reader installed or your browser configured to print of display PDF pages. In this case, you should ask one of your parents to access the files for you.
I get a blank screen when I click on the PDF link for the acceptance packet. How do I get the forms?
RIGHT CLICK (Mac users Cmd-Click) on the links instead of just clicking on them. Your browser should drop down a menu that allows you to "Save file as..." or "Save target as..." A step by step instruction sheet is posted on the acceptance page.
My computer crashed while printing the PDF acceptance packet. What do I do?
The PDF pack is 1.3 megs which may be too small for some older computers and printers to handle. You should try printing a range of pages OR download the individual forms from the acceptance page.
The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem....
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


adidas Warrior Halloween Fall Classic
Warrior Soccer Club - PO Box 24232 - Dayton OH 45424 (937) 233-7958 Carol
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